My Garden: My Artistic Expression of Nature
When I garden, I wear my artist’s hat. This tiny plot of land is a canvas for my creativity where nature and I work as partners. Every plant, rock, and detail is part of the soul expression I was drawn to as a young child. (read more on the Blog page)
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Like a painter,  I have chosen flowers and foliage to create a visual melody of vibrant hues and contrasts, of colors, textures, and shapes. Sprawling pastel roses, spikey purple iris, and fragrant, top heavy peonies form a masterpiece that stirs emotions.
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As an artist, a photographer and writer,  I constantly experiment and evolve. So does my garden. At first, I found new ways to combine plants, seeking unexpected pairings. I sculpted the landscape, adding layers of dimension through placement of rocks or features, to create focal points that draw the eye and ignite curiosity. I controlled the garden but that soon changed. (read more on the blog page)
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